About TAC


The TAC forum is a high-level meeting dedicated to "Technologies for a Safer World".
The first two editions were held in Lyon in July 2013 and in April 2016 under the patronage of the Ministry of Interior and INTERPOL.

Objective :

Bringing the needs of public contractors, the existing solutions in the industry and the research trends to build together security through:

  • Cooperation between security services of various countries
  • Public-Private dialogue
  • Anticipation of threats and risks to public and private security
  • Assessment of requirements in terms of physical security and cyber-security

Political leaders, senior police officers, researchers, private companies: the challenge of this event is to allow all security actors to work together to effectively fight against increasingly global criminal and terrorist enterprises. With a common theme, innovation. Because it is only by perfecting technologies, changing organizations, rethinking processes, that it will be possible for us to stay one step ahead in this battle.

Gérard COLLOMB – Minister of the Interior

The reality of today’s threat landscape means police forces must take full advantage of technological innovation to boost their investigative and operational capabilities. The Technology Against Crime forum therefore represents an important step in our ongoing efforts as law enforcement professionals, the private sector and academia to forge strategic partnerships to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified, and the latest innovations are used in the interest of our citizens. Together, we have an important role to play in shaping tomorrow’s security and creating a future where we combine our strengths for a safer world. The forum provides a platform for discussions on anticipating security threats and responding to major challenges such as cybercrime, organized crime and terrorism, which are the focus of INTERPOL’s strategic programmes today. While there are no easy answers, we know that our dialogue needs to be forward-thinking, sustained and global, so that our actions are tailored to the challenges of our globalized, digital world.

Jürgen Stock - INTERPOL Secretary General

A major meeting point for public and private security actors

A unique “business” and “network” platform
in the field of security

The TAC Forum will host 1,000 international participants to enable high-level exchanges between actors from the public and private spheres in order to promote:

  • International cooperation
  • Public/private collaboration
  • Collaboration across of the value chain

A demonstrator of innovation resulting from research, start-ups and key accounts

The Forum will highlight the most significant innovations and invite international contractors to meet industrialists, project leaders and researchers in a demonstrative and immersive showcase.

A showcase of the Métropole de Lyon’s positioning in security technologies

INTERPOL’s General Secretariat, ENSP and INPS as well as many companies in the field of security are based in Lyon. The city is allocating ressources in order to reinforce its strategic position in th field of «security of industrial and urban systems».

The TAC Forum will contribute to the anchoring of Lyon’s position in this strategic sector.