Anticipating the threats to our common future is a key requirement that all security managers, whether in the public or private sector, now have to meet.

The investments to be made, the staff to be recruited, the organizational efforts required and preventive measures to be taken are of such importance that we must plan decades ahead.
Science and technology evolve, increasing the risks in all domains: cybercrime; terrorism; organized crime; urban safety; human trafficking and trafficking in illicit goods.

But science and technology also offer security managers new tools, making it possible to put in place ever-more effective procedures that were unimaginable a few years ago.

Businesses – large and small – which participate in this domain expect the public authorities to specify, as best as they can, their current and future requirements. Whether leading-edge technology represents a threat or offers a response, the question must be viewed in a global context.

Our aim is to provide a high level meetings series for the security-conscious international community to discuss the expectations of public and private stakeholders, the thoughts of the research community, and developments in the security industry.